Social Media Management

  • Enticed by the thought of reaching millions of people at once?
  • Hoping to build a closer relationship with your customer base?
  • Want an easy effective way to announce promotions, news and events?

The answer lies in social media.

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There’s an enormous and powerful community out there where individuals get together all at once to tell stories, share photos, reconnect with old friends, have debates, give birthday wishes, and plan events. This is called the social network community.

Many people are addicted. Some think it’s a waste of time. All we know is, there are over 750 million users on Facebook, 175 million users on Twitter, and over 100 million users on LinkedIn. We like to think of them as potential customers.

The most significant networking sites are undoubtedly Facebook and Twitter. For that reason, these are the two networks we focus on when implementing social media. If you would like to add any other networks to your social media portfolio, we’ll be happy to help you with that.

What do we offer?

  • Setup of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (etc) page and profile.
  • Regularly updating your page with industry news, polls, and announcements.
  • Integrating the social media page with your website.