June 6th, 2014 by Tommy McConnell

downloadEvery marketing executive wants their website to be completely SEO’d, but what exactly does that mean? SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.You know how when you search something in Google, and the results are listed? The search results are ranked based on SEO.  If you have to correct criteria, your search rankings will keep improving.


One of the most important factors of SEO is collection. Collect any relevant keywords. Each page of your website should contain a keyword. Include the keywords in your page title, headers, writing and anything else on the page. Finding keywords that aren’t very popular, but stills sends the message you want is a good idea. When it comes to SEO, being consistent with your keywords is also very important. Let’s say you have a page talking about the history of pencils. Be sure to keep the history of pencils your main focus on that page.


Despite the benefits it gives to SEO, your website should have high quality content either way. Your pages should be well written, easy to read and have the perfect length. Using media helps mix things up, as well. It is important to keep people interested in your page, because Google will keep track of how long and how often your website is visited.


Organization is key! Even though using those keywords are important, be sure to vary your words. Using the same words and types of sentences can make your writing stiff. Make using your keyword sound natural. Something else to think about is advertisements. Having a lavish amount of advertisements is a big mistake! Be classy when it comes to ads. Try to stay away from anything conspicuous.


Good back up is always important. When it comes to SEO, having other reliable and popular sites linked to you is smart. Use this perk to spread the word of your website across different networks. Be cautious, though. Relying on shady guest-bloggers is a no-no. Google suggests that businesses selects their guest bloggers very carefully.

These are just a few suggests for getting your website to the top of the list! By no means should you make this your life guide for your website. We thought you would appreciate some helpful guidelines!




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