April 8th, 2014 by Tommy McConnell

Tackling the complexity of building a successful website can be intimidating. However, thousands of web designers do it each day for some of the largest companies in the world. How do they make the websites such a hit? Well, there are four little interesting facts that each web designer can vouch for that need to be taken into consideration while creating a site.

The largest websites in the world have more than a billion pages each. Facebook and Amazon are two of the largest websites in the world. Each website has more than one billion individual pages. For Amazon’s pages, each one much be created separately. Amazon employs hundreds of people for web designing alone each day.

Every color used on a website is chosen because of its universal “language.” Colors evoke emotions. Purple represents sophistication, while yellow shades are considered happy colors. Colors usually summon the same emotional feelings all over the world.

The design of the page controls the way your eyes move and your mouse clicks on the page. Experts at website design notice how customers’ eyes move while visiting a page. Good designers also notice the wording of links in order to catch the customer’s attention to click it. “Learn more” and “call now” are strategies that sales companies use often.

Websites are written in an entirely different language. The website design language is referred to as “codes.” Browsers decipher what the codes mean and translates it into what we see when visiting a website. If it weren’t for the browsers, visitors would end up reading a randomized set of letters and punctuation instead of the information needed. Designers are responsible for knowing how these languages build customized designs.



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