August 22nd, 2014 by Tommy McConnell

Sadly summer is coming to an end for the year, so we’ve decided to reflect on the best of web design from this past season!

Simplified Color Schemes

Less is more! A trend you see repeating this summer has been color schemes with very few colors. Visitors are less interested in all the Ooh’s and Aah’s of the page, and more interested in the information on the page. This doesn’t mean that format and style isn’t important, though! Try sticking to a main color, and having two accent colors for you website.

Full Page Layout

Full Page Layout is whenever there are no left or right side bars. Homepages of websites are typically using this layout. However, the inner pages of a site are now turning to this trend, as well. Getting rid of the side columns allows there to be more content and for the focus to be clear.

Hollow Icons

Hello versatility! Icons have been revolutionized. Hollow icons give webpages a more flexible way with menu tabs. Compared to solid icons, hollow icons offer a more subtle and aesthetic look. These icons are becoming favorable with standard and mobile sites. Though this trend is picking up quickly, tread lightly. Experts are arguing that solid icons are easier to use. The argument stands that the hollow icon is harder to see, and does not process the information quickly.

Mix and Match Typography

Over the past for years, the norm for typography has been to keep it as simple as possible. Well, that has changed this summer. It is believed that because the style of webpages are becoming so simple, the typography is stepping up to replace the style. Typically only one to two typefaces are used on a website. The latest fad is using multiple fonts on one page. Be careful, though! Failure to mix and match typography can lead to failure. Try staying away from over the top typefaces to refrain looking too sloppy or amateur!




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