December 19th, 2014 by Tommy McConnell

Mark my words, coding is taking over the world! Well, maybe not taking over the world, but it’s definitely here to stay. Those who may want to enter the world of coding should start young. It’s like learning a new language-the sooner you learn it, the better. Don’t fret, though. Even if you decide to learn it when you’re 75 years old, it’s still do-able! There are plenty of resources to refer to in a time of need. Especially now that the internet is the main source of referral. Here’s the top five online resources for coding.

1. Scratch
This website┬áis an MIT project. It builds graphical processing language which allows you to make animated characters move on a screen. Scratch doesn’t really help you build a website, however it teaches users algorithmic thinking and concepts of a computer language.

2. offers exercises that are formatted like games. It has drag-and-drop tiles, but users view the code that they are creating after the puzzle is complete. The mission of is to allow students to access learning tools for coding languages.

Users of Codeacademy are able to create their own websites using HTML and CSS just with signing up. They can even animate their names with Javascript. Codeacademy helps students by allowing them to see immediately what happens after writing a line of code. Another benefit is being able to build recognizable websites!

4. Harvard’s CS50
Ever wish you would have been accepted to Harvard? Well, if you’re a coder, you can look up tutorials on YouTube! Harvard’s CS50 computer science intro course enrolls thousands of online auditors. There’s videos and problems sets online that allow students from over the world to follow.

5. Treehouse Club
Unfortunately, this resource isn’t free. It costs $25 just for basics and $49 for a pro-plan. However, it is the most in-depth program and covers a variety of topics. You get what you pay for! With that being said, Treehouse has special tracks available for users who have specifics things in mind for their education.


All in all, these resources seem to have some awesome tutorials! If you’re looking to code, we definitely suggest checking some of them out.



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