Pitt Bull Web is part of Pitt Bull Secure Technologies’ vibrant menu of computer services. The best part. Just kidding .. sort of.

Our web staff has decades of years of collective experience in web design and development. Several of us even started coding as pre-teens. And what started out as a hobby that some bored kids picked up during their summer vacation turned into long-term careers.

Our team’s expertise includes, but is not limited to: Web design and development, graphic design, online marketing and search engine optimization.

Pitt Bull started with a portfolio of about five or six websites which quickly progressed to over 50 websites in just a couple of years. Some of our web clients include: Boyer Candy Company, Cambria County War Memorial, Burlington Township School District, Edgewater Park School District, Richland Community Days, The Lucas Foundation, Tom Chernisky, and Cambria Somerset Radiology. Just to name a few. View our portfolio to see more..